Artwork Requirements


The quickest method of transferring files is via E-mail. If you are sending your quote or order via e-mail or fax please include the following information:

  • Indicate your company name and contact on your fax or in the subject line of the e-mail message you are sending.
  • Include your phone number on your fax or in your e-mail message.
  • Include critical sizes (Ex: 12” overall high), colors, and materials to be used or quoted on your order.
  • Group all signs by sign type, not by floor.
  • Including an Excel sign schedule with your submission will help us expedite your order.
  • Submissions totaling more than 10MB should be sent on CD, DVD or to our

    FTP site at (our ftp site)

Vector or Raster what is the difference?

Vector art is created by an outline of each element using points, lines and arcs to define a shape or path. This vector outline creates the path our machines will follow to cut your letters or artwork from a variety of materials.

Raster art is created by tiny squares or pixels placed adjacent to each other to create each elements shape and color. Raster files are commonly used for photographic images and are defined by the dots per inch (dpi).

Scanned and bitmap images that have not been converted to lines, curves or paths in a vector format cannot be used for production art. Outlines are required (vector format) for all files originally created by a scan or paint

application (raster format).

We ask that all files are saved or exported as .eps or .ai file types and that they include the file extension in the file name. (Example: filename.eps)

Send us your artwork to *up to 10MB files only

Artwork Requirements for submitting vector artwork:

  • When sending production art be sure to supply vector art. Convert all text to outlines, paths or curves, including descriptive text. Placing a raster or bitmap image into a vector program DOES NOT make it a vector file. Art must be created as vector.
  • Remove all strokes or make sure that strokes are converted to curves to avoid scaling issues.
  • If Braille is needed make sure and indicate where Braille is to be placed on each of your signs. Braille is ¼” high and is normally placed 3/8” below your lowest line of copy on the sign and a minimum of 3/8” from the edgeof the panel. Please make sure that you leave enough room for Braille and take into account, where multiple lines of copy are involved, that more than one line of Braille may be necessary.

Artwork Requirements for Digital or Duradigital Prints:

Submit artwork in either bitmap or vector format. If you are submitting artwork in vector format please follow the guidelines and file types listed above. If you are submitting bitmap artwork then please send it in any of the following formats: JPG, TIF, Adobe Photoshop PSD (CS2 or lower) or unsecured PDF.

Bitmaps larger than 10 MB should be sent on CD, DVD

*IMPORTANT always name files with client name or project name so we can identify them. Always send an e-mail indicating that you have uploaded files to our FTP and include file names.

The minimum dots per inch (DPI) for digital printing is 72 dpi at full size.

Please specify any Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors that you want matched within your artwork. We will do our best to match any colors you require but it may not be possible to get exact color matches due to limitations in CMYK printing. Color matching may require additional color match fees.

  • While submitting a PDF file which shows your sign types in full color with gradients and shadows is a great visual tool, we also require that you send the artwork in as a black and white production ready file with all gradients and shadows removed and all text and strokes as curves, or additional art fees may be incurred.
  • We can accept files in the following formats: EPS, Adobe Illustrator (CS2 or lower) or an unsecured PDF file. We can also accept clean camera-ready black and white artwork and bitmap artwork but they will require additional charges to scan/vectorize and clean up your artwork.

Please send all artwork to: